Enter the world of digital currency with VirtaCoin

VirtaCoin (VTA) is a decentralized crypto-currency, like Bitcoin. In fact Virtacoin is based on the same code base, so it works almost exactly like Bitcoin. VirtaCoin enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world, using peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority. Managing transactions and issuing the currency are carried out collectively by the network.

VirtaCoin is “owned” by everyone who holds the currency. It is up to the VirtaCoin community to collectively contribute and make VirtaCoin what you want it to be. How you contribute depends on your skills, abilities and available time. Information on current VirtaCoin development activities can be found at this VirtaCoin Forum and on the VirtaCurrent website.

Now is the right time to acquire VirtaCoin, at the ground level. As the crypto-currency market grows, hopefully VirtaCoin will prosper with it. There is a large base of VirtaCoin holders who are working to develop it into a world-wide “peoples coin”. If you are new to crypto-currency and would like to get started with Click Here.

VirtaCoin (VTA) is trading on several exchanges and is most active on BleuTrade and Banx.io. You can download the VirtaCoin Desktop Wallet here. The VirtaCoin Online Wallet is also available.

If you would like a safe and easy way to acquire VirtaCoin visit the VirtaCoin Promotion Fund.

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